Why Donate?

Why Donate

Seven solid reasons why the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust makes sense... Advantages Of The Community Trust

Establishing a fund with The Community Trust is simple and easy, and it does not require great wealth. Here are some of the advantages of giving to The Community Trust:

Community Impact

Our single mission as a community trust is to impact the needs of our area and improve the lives of the citizens in and around the Greater Lynchburg community. Through our relationship with local charitable organizations and the United Way, we are ensuring that your donations are given back to the community in the most effective manner possible. We are dedicated to maintaining your charitable intent even when community needs change.

Lasting Effect

The Community Trust builds endowment funds that will grow and benefit the community forever. We help donors create an individual or family legacy through named funds that will continue to impact the needs of our area for generations.


We desire for your experience with The Community Trust to be an easy and fulfilling one. We deliver personalized donor service by offering a variety of simple, flexible, and effective options in the types of funds that can be established and the types of assets that may be donated. Aside from our permanent funds, we offer Temporary Funds where distribution of principal is possible.Funds can be established with a simple agreement that we will guide you through the process. We will handle the administrative details of establishing and growing your fund.

Investment Management

Funds established with The Community Trust are managed by qualified investment managers. While funds are commingled for investment purposes, each fund is tracked separately. The Board of Directors is actively involved in the growth of the Trust through prudent investment policies and an internal investment committee that regularly reviews investment performance.

Cost Effective

The Community Trust is dedicated to conducting business with low-cost administration. The Trust spends less than 1% annually of the market value of the funds on administrative costs.

Tax Advantages

As the donor, you will receive added benefit from donating to The Community Trust. Not only will you experience the satisfaction of meeting the needs of those in your community, but your donation will receive maximum tax advantages allowed for income and estate tax purposes.


Your named fund may be recognized for providing grants to local charities, or your giving may remain anonymous.

It's Our Mission

The principal mission of The Community Trust is to enhance the quality of life in the communities served by the establishment of permanent endowments for the cities of Lynchburg and Bedford and the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell, with income distributed annually to charitable organizations within the community.

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